***Think Like Christ, Act Like a Christian is a guide providing practical application of Bible principles and the Law of Attraction. In today’s society the church and/or non believers who know of the Law of Attraction do not relate one to the other. Nevertheless, God has created the Law as a natural phenomenon. By understanding how thought and the mind works and what the Bible says about using both, WILL lead to a more Fruitful Life .

The research I have conducted over the last three years has been collected from numerous of sources including Christian authors such as Razi Zacharius, self thought authors such as Napoleon Hill, and the Bible itself.

Only 98% of the population actually think for themselves and come to solid conclusions based on factual information. If you are ready to think for yourself and strengthen you Christian Walk, take a look around and feel free to leave comments or send a direct email.

~Rev. Kala Raglin, Chaplain, MCM MRCP

Live Well and Prosper